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QNS Art Collective and Kim Preston Present: Love

Artists' take on the meaning of our strongest emotion!!!

Submissions for gallery opening February 7th 2015 at the QNS Collective in Long Island City, Queens, NY. Description: In light of Valentine's Day the show's theme will be about love. The artist must visually create their personal definition of love. The artist may explore all aspects of the human race's most powerful emotion: romance, family, self-love, or even about the environment. However there is more to love than just naked women and sex, please be creative and think outside of the box. All work will be digital art. This will be a show that showcases graphic artists, illustrators, and digital photographers. This will be a chance to prove that Photoshop can be used for fine art and creative thinking. Please submit up to 4 jpegs to Kim Preston at Please remember that submitting work does not guarantee a place in the show. Art submissions are due 11pm Saturday January 24th. Sizes: 5 x 6 feet (60x72 inches) is the maximum size and width. Number of artwork allowed will be determined by available space, number of artists participating, and sizes. Drop off day will be January 31st. ALL work MUST come framed wired, and ready to hang. There is a $10 hanging fee for all artists. Opening reception is Saturday February 7th at 7pm. The show will end Saturday February 28th. Kim Preston, Curator Argentina Flores, QNS Collective Director

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